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Segontiwm Coffee Subscription

100% speciality-grade – Spicy Chocolate & Bright Lemon with a Clean Finish.

A 225g bag makes around 13 cups of coffee.
A 1kg bag makes around 59 cups of coffee.

Variety – Typica, Mundo Novo, Bourbon
Process – Mountain Water Process (MWP)
Altitude – 1200 – 2000
Roast – Medium/Dark
Notes – Spicy Chocolate & Bright Lemon

Why Segontiwm Coffee Subscription?

Segontiwm is our first decaffeinated coffee, a delicious Mexican mountain water processed coffee. The mountain water process decaffeinates the coffee whilst at the same time keeps all of the delicious coffee flavour within the bean all without using any chemicals! It is a decaffeinating process that is unique to Mexico. The beans have then been roasted to a medium/dark roast to bring out the true flavours of the bean. Segontiwm works very well as an espresso as well as in a cafetiere.

About the Illustrator

Sian Angharad Illustrator
Sïan Angharad also known as Angie is a talented Freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Animator from the Isle of Anglesey. Now based in Cardiff, she is working as a key member of art departments and post-production in TV and Film. Angie has also worked on other food products for brands including Anglesey Rum Co, Draig Goch Spirits and Bragdy Mona!