Wholesale coffee

If you manage or own a Cafe, Hotel, Deli, Camping/Glamping Site, Holiday Let or Catering Trailer then we’ve got you covered. Our we have a wide range of bag sizes to suit your needs from 60g to 1kg. 

We do more than just coffee we can provide your business with syrups, cot chocolate, takeaway cups, sugar, you name it we can even supply you with tea! Get in touch to find out more.

Commercial Equipment

Coffi Dre can supply your business with some of the best professional commercial coffee equipment on the market from traditional espresso machines, grinders, bean to cup and more.

Get in touch to find out more!

Training & services

WMF machines are manufactured in Germany, to an excellent build quality standard. Not only are they designed to look great – they are built to last.

In May 1927, the first series of large-scale WMF coffee machines were manufactured in what was then a subsidiary company in the German town of Göppingen. Since that time, WMF coffee machines have become a permanent fixture on the market.

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