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Twthill medium roast coffee blend.

Twthill Coffee

A Smoky full bodied blend with notes of Pepper and Chocolate.

A 225g bag makes around 13 cups of coffee.
A 1kg bag makes around 59 cups of coffee.

Variety – Various (Blend)
Process – Washed
Altitude – 1000 – 1200
Roast – Medium
Notes – Full body, smoky notes, pepper and chocolate.

Why Twthill Coffee?

Twthill is a smooth medium roast coffee blend. This signature espresso combines beans from South and Central America, showcasing the essence of great coffee. It’s perfectly balanced, delivering a sweet and delicious espresso, whether enjoyed black or with milk. Elevate your morning routine with Twthill, the highlight of your day.  Indulge in the captivating flavours, crafted with passion and artistry.

About the Illustrator

Gwenno Llwyd Jones Creu Co
Gwenno Llwyd Jones is part-time illustrator from Anglesey. Gwenno moved back to Anglesey in 2021 after living in Cardiff for 15 years. She loves to create prints of iconic places mainly around Wales, using a variety of colour palettes. She spends much of her weekends hiking in the mountains of Snowdonia which is also an inspiration for her work.