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Espresso Machines

Iberital machines are designed and manufactured taking into account each barista and their environment.

In 2014 Iberital set out to redefine the industry. To shape the future. To take risks. Disrupt. Evolve. Create. They were committed to improving the industry standards and therefore we decided to develop a machine that would lead us into a more sustainable, efficient, intelligent and healthier future.

Coffee grinders

EUREKA ORO, the golden future of coffee grinding.
The Eureka centenary heritage gave life to EUREKA ORO: a new generation of coffee grinders which is equipped with the latest technology and expression of the “State of the Art” in coffee grinding for any type of coffee preparation.

Bean to Cup

WMF machines are manufactured in Germany, to an excellent build quality standard. Not only are they designed to look great – they are built to last.

In May 1927, the first series of large-scale WMF coffee machines were manufactured in what was then a subsidiary company in the German town of Göppingen. Since that time, WMF coffee machines have become a permanent fixture on the market.

Filter coffee

Bravilor Bonamat professional filter coffee machines are ideal for offices, restaurants, retail locations and more. Choose from durable filter coffee machines for quality coffee.

Founded in Amsterdam by A.J.M. Verheijen in 1948. Bravilor Bonamat originally began as a wholesale reseller of espresso machines, before later branching out into manufacturing.

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