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Barista Training and Coffee Machine Services

Barista Training

Looking to train your staff in house on your new or existing equipment? Look no further.

Coffi Dre offers basic barista training so that you don’t have to! You can have the best coffee and equipment in the world but without the proper training you’ll struggle to get that perfect cup of coffee.

Espresso Machine Service

You wouldn’t go a year without servicing your car so why do it with your Espresso Machine?  A well Maintained Espresso Machine equals less breakdowns which means your business can keep going. 

Book your Espresso Machine in for a service today!


Since early 2000 it is a legal requirement to have an annual PSSR boiler test carried out on your coffee machine. Failure to do so can lead to invalid insurance and warranty.

Get in touch to get your Espresso Machine tested.

What Next?

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